Weekly values

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It has already been mentioned that the number of weeks in which lessons can generally be scheduled is important for value calculation. Where a lesson is located in the timetable and whether it can or cannot take place in a certain week - for example due to a public holiday - is not taken into account.


However, the actual value units that are actually assigned to a teacher or to a class in a certain week can be important. For this purpose there exists the 'Weekly values' window that you can find under 'Modules | Value calculation | Weekly values'. While lesson scheduling does not play a major role in 'normal' value calculation - just the question of whether they can be scheduled in certain weeks - the values that you find in this table are based on actual timetables.


In the table you can select for which teacher or class (1) and how (2) the weekly values should be displayed. Below the two input fields you can find a brief explanation of the values displayed (3).






As an alternative to displaying lesson periods in the usual way, weekly values can display the total of lessons scheduled or held in terms of hours and minutes. This is particularly necessary when using different timetable grids or with periods of different duration during the day.


Weekly values can be displayed for teachers and for classes.