Line value

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A lesson with a lesson number is regarded as a coupling even when several teachers are involved in it. Nevertheless, you can rate the lessons of the teachers involved in different ways by entering fixed values or factors in the 'Line value' column.




Please open the Demo2.gpn file and look at lesson number 69. Teachers Newton and Curie together take class 4 for PE for three periods.


In this example, teacher Newton is a supply teacher and for this reason his lesson may only be valued with the fixed value of 1.5. Please enter the value 1.5 into the 'Line value' columns of the coupling row for teacher Newton.


You see that the lesson value for teacher Curie is 2.865 (which is the product of weekly periods and subject, class and teacher factors) while the fixed line value of 1.5 has been accepted for teacher Newton.







Note: Input in the line value column

You can influence the line value using the same types of input (fixed value, factor or summand) that were described in the chapter on examples for lesson values.