Date time limitation on lessons

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The following figure shows the school-year calendar for a lesson that is limited to the period 2 May to 29 May. 10 May is a public holiday (marked red). You can call the calendar for the school year using the appropriate toolbar icon in any lessons view.





Despite the public holiday there is still the possibility that the four periods of this lesson could be held as they could be scheduled for one of the other days.


This can be seen from the entry 'Duration (<ke>Eff. time range)' on the 'General data' tab. This shows the number of weeks in the time period in which at least one day of lessons can be held. In this case 4, in spite of the public holiday.


With holidays


If there were a week's holiday within the time limitation period, e.g. from 9 May to 15 May, this possibility would no longer exist. In this case, the lesson could only take place three times within the time limitation period.





You can determine for yourself whether or not holiday weeks should influence value calculation by using the'Count only school days' option on the 'Value calculation' tab under 'Start | Settings | Miscellaneous'.



The information on the tabs 'Value calculation' and 'Values for count only school days' in the school year calendar is useful for understanding the individual calculations.