Toolbar functions

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The general functions are explained in chapter Master data / Toolbar functions .





You will only find the following special functions in the lessons window:


Create coupling

Please refer to chapter Coupling lessons .


Extended decoupling

Please refer to chapter Decoupling lessons .


Teacher suggestion

Please refer to chapter Teacher suggestions under Lesson planning .



You can use the Multi-week timetable module to specify time restrictions for master data elements and lessons , and define lesson groups (time ranges). The school year calendar displays the selected lesson in green for the period in which the lesson can be held.





Lesson comparison

Please refer to chapter Lesson comparison under Lesson planning .


Convert lesson(s) into course(s)

Please refer to chapter Specifying courses under Course scheduling



You can select <Settings> to tailor the grid view of the lesson window to your requirements.





One week - This check box is only activated if you use the Multi-week timetablemodule. Only those lessons taking place in a specific week will be displayed.





Show inherited codes - This option affects the codes field. Please refer to chapterDisplaying codes.


Show total- Use this setting to display a row with totals below the header row in the grid view. The value of individual fields will be totalled for numeric fields. <






Tip: Context menu

You can also display the totals row by right-clicking on the header row.