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You can copy selected (highlighted) lessons to the clipboard. These functions can be accessed under menu item 'Edit', or you can use the following shortcuts:


CTRL + X = Cut

CTRL + C = Copy

CTRL + V = Paste





Program-internal use


The clipboard function allows you to copy one or more lessons of one class to another or from one term> to another (with the Multiple term module).


If you wish for example to copy all lessons from class 1a to class 1b


highlight all lessons or press Ctrl + A

click on 'Copy' on the 'Data' tab,

switch to class 1b,

click on 'Paste' on the 'Data' tab.




When you paste the lessons to class 1b, its home room will be imported.




Warning: Editing mode

If you are in a field in the editing mode, then only the entry of this field is copied and not the whole lesson row. You can exit the editing mode by pressing the Escape key.


Paste special



Tip: Copying timetables

The 'Paste special' functions allow you to copy timetables.


In addition to the usual paste function, the 'Edit' menu also provides the 'Paste special' function. Besides inserting lessons, this function also inserts the timetable of the copied lessons, i.e. the timetable of the source class is also copied.


Copying data to external programmes


You can also use the clipboard to export lessons (or other data) to external programs such as spreadsheets or word processors.


Many views also offer the <Print in Excel> option allowing you to export directly to a spreadsheet.