Double period - block

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Double period


Lessons will be scheduled in single periods unless specified otherwise. Enter double periods in the column Double pers. , if they are desired or permitted. Use this field to specify the distribution of double and single periods:


An entry of 1-1 indicates that the distribution spans from 1 to 1, i.e. the lesson should be scheduled in exactly one double period.





An entry of 0-1 means that a 2-period lesson can be scheduled in a double period, but it is not an absolute requirement (minimum 0, maximum 1 double period).





An entry of 1-2 means that a 4-period lesson can also be scheduled in one double period or two double periods. The timetable algorithm should decide which variant is better suited regarding the overall timetable perspective.







Tip: Double period requirement

If it is possible to allow variability in scheduling double periods (e.g. with the 0-1 or 1-2 options), please allow the algorithm to work with these freedoms since this can lead to a significantly better overall result.





More than 2 periods scheduled consecutively are called a block of periods.


If you wish, for example, to schedule 3 periods consecutively, enter '3' in the column 'Block'.





If you wish to schedule a 6-period lesson in two blocks of 3, simply enter '3.3'.