Simple lessons

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Open a lessons window and click on the <New> button. This will create a new lesson with one period per week. Alternatively, you can create a new lesson in the last row of the lesson view .

Simply enter all the elements involved for the lesson (class, teacher, subject, room) and if necessary change the number of periods per week.





Class / teacher


Depending on whether you have called 'Lessons | Classes' or 'Lessons | Teachers', the active class or the active teacher will be automatically entered for a new lesson.



Home room


If you have assigned a room to each class under 'Master Data | Classes', the room will be entered automatically in the Home room field as soon as you enter the class. A teacher can also be assigned a home room, in which case the home room will be entered automatically in the same way.





Subject room


You can also assign rooms under 'Master Data | Subjects'. However, in this case it involves subject rooms, for example a gymnasium for the subject PE and sport. When you enter a subject with a subject room , the subject room will be displayed automatically in the corresponding field.






Note: Subject room + home room

A subject room and a home room can be entered for a lesson. In this case, optimisation will first try to schedule the lesson in the subject room. If this is not possible, the lesson can be scheduled in the home room. Please refer to chapter Room logic for further information.