Fixed (subject) sequence

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3 Use the fixed subject sequence to specify the periods that must be scheduled in sequence.


Access the Lesson sequences window on the 'Scheduling' tab, set the drop-down list at the top right to Fixed sequence and enter the lessons that are to be scheduled in sequence.




The physics theory lesson for class 1a, lesson 96, should immediately precede practical physics, lesson 97. Once the subject sequence has been specified, Untis will now schedule the periods to take place sequentially.







Note: Entering with double-click

Lesson numbers for lesson sequences can also be entered by double-clicking on the lesson number in question (in the 1st column of the lessons view.



Variable fixed (subject) sequence


In the case of a variable fixed subject sequence, the lessons still follow on from each other but their sequence is variable. In the above example, Untis would be able to choose whether to schedule the theory or practical (lab) lesson first.






Warning: All periods of the lesson

With fixed sequences all periods of a lesson are scheduled as a block. If you schedule a two period and a three period lesson in a fixed sequence, you create a five periods block without having to enter anything in the 'Block' column in the lesson window.