The lesson window

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Similar to all master data windows a lesson window always comprises three sections: the toolbar , the grid view and the form view.


The function of the form and grid views is the same as with master data windows . The form view displays one lesson at a time with all the attributes belonging to the lesson while the grid view displays a table of all lessons. Each lesson is automatically assigned a lesson number (which you cannot alter) which the application uses as an internal ID.



Note: Views

The lesson window is a view. This means that the information provided in chapter ' Master data views ' on the basic use of windows ( Editing views and Managing views ) also applies to lesson windows.


You can open the standard views for lessons sorted by class or by teacher via the menus items 'Classes | Lessons' and 'Teachers | Lessons'.






Warning: Coupled lessons

In the case of coupled lessons (lessons taking place simultaneously) you will see a + in the Cl,Te column. Clicking on this will display all the coupling rows of the lesson concerned.