Time requests of lessons

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You can choose between three different ways of displaying time requests:


Time requests of lessons


Each individual lesson can be assigned a special time request. The general time request function is described in chapter Time requests in the User tips section. However, a time request for a lesson cannot be given the value +3. In this case, you should schedule the lesson manually and lock it.


Time requests for all elements


Lessons inherit the time requests of the master data involved . For example, if Victor Hugo's free day is Tuesday, no lesson can take place on a Tuesday if Hugo is involved.


The ‘Time requests for all elements’ option displays the time requests for all elements involved in this lesson in the centre of the window. You can click on a day of the week in this section and the lower section will indicate exactly which of the elements involved is responsible for the time request. You change to the

time request window of the respective element via the <Time request> button in the 'Time requests | Lessons' window





Time requests without rooms


Since room allocationcan still be changed during optimisation, time requests for rooms are not as stringent as those for other elements. For this reason they can be hidden using the lower option.