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If you wish to allocate lessons to the individual school weeks automatically, open the optimisation window by clicking on the <Optimise> toolbar iconUU_AD_002.







It is important that you first enter weighting settings. To do this, click on the <Weighting> icon.





When allocating yearly periods to individual weeks automatically, the basic assumption is that all periods should be spread as evenly as possible over the school year. No assumptions are made concerning the capacity load of teachers, classes, rooms or students.


It is therefore essential that you enter weighting for allocating periods for the individual elements according to your requirements.



The possibilities for blocking certain weeks or lessons or for specifying minimum/maximum numbers of periods per week are essentially the same as those for year's planning in terms. For this reason, please refer to the chapter of that name for more details





You can also open weighting to optimise calendar - yearly planning via 'Scheduling | Weighting'