Yearly periods or weekly periods

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Use weekly periods if the lessons in question are to be scheduled at the same time each week in the timetable and yearly periods if lessons are to be scheduled on an irregular basis.





You can convert weekly periods to yearly periods later on by entering a '*' in the 'YrsPrds' column.






The following prompt is displayed if some of the weekly periods have already been scheduled:





Option 1: convert scheduled periods into weekly periods


If one period of a 2-period lesson has already been scheduled, this one weekly period will be converted into a number of yearly periods. In the example, this concerns 20 yearly periods, since the school year has 21 weeks including one week of holiday.







Option 2: extrapolation - scheduled and unscheduled periods are converted to yearly periods.


This option results in 40 yearly periods; 20 have already been scheduled while a further 20 remain to be scheduled.






In both cases the yearly periods can now be rearranged as independent calendar entries.