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The heart of 'Calendar - Year Planning' is the window of the same name, which you can open via 'Modules | Calendar - yearly scheduling'. If you have already worked with Year's Planning in Terms the similarities in the windows will be obvious. The great advantage of calendar - yearly scheduling is that you do not need to create and work with terms.


The window is divided into two sections. Let's look at the display in the left section of the window, where you will see a list of all the lessons in the school.


You can hide or show details for each lesson such as lesson number, subject, class, number of students etc.





The white columns display the individual school weeks. A column shaded dark-orange indicates that all the days of the week in question lie within a holiday, while lighter shading indicates that some days of the week lie within a holiday.


Yearly periods can be allocated simply by entering them in the individual lesson weeks. By moving the mousre over a cell you get further information on the current lesson. In addition to how many periods are scheduled or not, you also get information on coloured cells, why they are coloured.





As a rule, the 'Calendar - Year Planning' window displays weekly lessons, yearly lessons and periodic lessons (lesson groups).