Entry of absences

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You can find examples of the entry of absences of teachers and classes in chapter 'Short introduction' under Entering absences The procedure for entering an absence is the same for teachers, classes and rooms. In the following example a room is set to absent


Example: Setting a room absent


The workshop is not available on a specific Tuesday and must therefore be set to absent.


1.Open file demo.gpn via 'File | Welcome | Demo files' and the absences window via 'Cover scheduling | Absences'.





2.Set the date to any Tuesday in the school year.

3.Select the tab "Rooms" of the absence window.

4.Select room "Works" from the list of rooms. Alternatively, you can enter the short name of the room. Confirm your entry with <Tab> or <Enter>.





This sets the workshop absent for the whole day. In our example this is the first to eighth period on 24 September.






Note: Reason of absence

Entering a reason of absence does not have any effect on performing the substitution. Only the method of counting the cancellations and releases which occur due to the absence are affected. Please refer to chapter Reason of absence for further information.


Absence text


Free text can be entered for each absence.


Overlapping absences


Two absences of a teacher can overlap. You do not need to delete the absence that was entered first, since you would lose any substitutions already entered. If you enter two different reasons of absence for two overlapping absences, the absence which begins later defines how the cancellations should be counted.


Combining absences


If you enter two subsequent absences with the same reason of absence, the following dialogue will be displayed:





If you confirm with 'Yes', the two absences will be combines. If you confirm with 'No', both absences remain separate.


Splitting absences

If you would like to split or separate an absence you have already entered because you would like to enter another absence reason for one part of an absence, this is easily done by clicking on 'Split absences'VP_19_300.


Copy absences

Absences can also be copied as of Untis 2019. Select the absence you would like to copy and press Ctrl. + C. Now click on the day in the absences window you would like to copy the absence to and press Ctrl. + V.