Entering absences in the school calendar

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You can also enter absences covering several days in the school year calendar of the relevant master data window.


1.Open in file demo5.gpn and the Start tab the window 'Teachers | Master Data'.

2.Click on the teacher concerned and open the school year calendar via the<Calendar> buttonVP_19_026.

3.Hold the left mouse-button and highlight those days on which this teacher should be set to absent.

 Confirm your entry with <Apply> or <OK>.

 Select a reason of absence from the list of reasons. You can also enter an absence text.





If you mark two or more time ranges that are not contiguous, a prompt will request a reason of absence for each time range.


Absences for only one period on a day are also possible - also for several day. In our example teacher Callas is absent in period 4 and 5 every Monday in October.





You can delete the absences by highlighting the selected time range once more.



Note: Printing absences

You can print absences in the same way as substitutions. Please refer to chapter Printing substitution listsfor further information.


Absences entered via the master data window are displayed in the absence window