Customising reasons of absence

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Besides the decision as to whether to count cancellations, there are more possibilities to customise the settings for the reasons of absence



You can use the description to allocate predefined text blocks (Master Data |Special data | Descriptions) to absences.


Do not count release

If a class is absent from school, the teachers who for this reason cannot take their scheduled lessons are released. These cancellations are normally counted negatively for such teachers. If this is not the case, the "Do not count rel." box must be checked. This is particularly important in combination with events (see chapter Events and substitution counters ).


Statistical code

Entries in this field are important for some regional evaluations. It can be used to summarise various reasons of absence into groups (e.g. all reasons of absence relating to an illness).


Do not show in the absence header

Absences with a reason of absence where "Not in Abs. Head" is checked are not output in the absence header at all (see also chapter Absence header).