Selecting desired information

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You can display just the information that should feature in the output.


Open <Grid adjustment> in the newly created view and activate all the check boxes in the 'Active' column for all the fields that are to be output (and deactivate those that are not to be displayed).



Note: (Teacher), (Class(es))

The fields in parentheses, such as '(Teacher)', are the elements that are to be substituted, i.e. absent teacher or class, subject that should have been taught according to the timetable or the room that is no longer available.







Warning: Substitution number

The field 'Subst. No. ' cannot be hidden for programming reasons. To hide this column in the printout, switch to the 'Print' tab and remove the check in column 'Print'.


You can edit this format in under Page setup. Here you can also add or remove fields at a later point of time.