Atypical substitutions

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The + substitute

You can edit a substitution without assigning a substitute teacher. Enter '+' in the field "Substitute" and the substitution is marked as edited. (It is not an open substitution any more). You can enter explanations in the substitution text.



Contrary to absence

If an absent teacher – as an exception – takes his/her lessons (e.g. an examination) then you can assign the teacher after answering the query 'Schedule anyway? ' with <Yes>.



Block substitution

If a substitute is required for a double period or a period block etc., the selection 'Lesson block' will be activated in the substitution suggestion window. Activating this selection means that only those substitutes will be displayed who could take the entire block (e.g. first and second period on Monday) without conflicts. When the substitute us assigned, he/she will be assigned to the entire block.




Permanent substitution

If a teacher is absent for several weeks a substitute can be assigned for the entire period. By checking the box 'permanent substitution' in our example, the teacher chosen as substitute teacher for Monday, period 1 is automatically assigned for the following weeks, as well.






Note: Current term or permanent substitution

Only create a permanent substitution if the evolved substitutions can be solved by employing other teachers or preponements. If it becomes necessary to change the regular timetable due to a longer time of absence of a teacher create a new term for this time in the timetable mode and make the necessary changes there.