Report: Substitution Statement

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The substitution statement gives an overview of all substitutions in a selected period of time from the point of view of the teacher.


Example: Substitution statementSet teachers 'Gauss' and 'New' to absent on a Monday – Gauss with reason 'Illness' and New with reason 'Special leave'.









Open the substitution statement via 'Start | Reports' .





Confirm print preview with <OK> and switch to teacher Gauss.


Teacher Gauss has two cancellations on Monday, but because of reason of absence 'Illness' these two periods are not counted negatively. The sum for the month of September is therefore 0.





Teacher Newton has five cancellations with reason of absence "Special leave". His counter therefore reads -5.





Teacher Andersen has had to take two substitutions and he did not have any cancellations. His counter therefore reads +2.





There are a number of other possible reports besides the substitution statement. These are described in detail in chapter Statistics.