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At times you might not be able to find a suitable substitute or preponement to take an open substitution. In this case you can assign a teacher to supervise a class while he/she is holding a regular lesson. It could also be that two teachers are planned for this lesson and that the coupling teacher is supervising both student groups. This is also called supervision.


Example: Search for and assign a supervisor


Only two teachers are suggested to substitute in the fourth period in the substitution suggestion window. A click on the <Supervision> tab shows all teachers who are teaching in this period and thus are able to supervise class 4 (see figure).


You assign the teacher by double-clicking his/her name. You must decide if you wish to complete this action since the teacher has his/her own lesson at the time in question.





By selecting the option 'Teacher holds the lesson as well as the cover (supervision).' this row will be marked as supervision.






Tip: Employ supervisors automatically

With couplings, you can define automatic employment of coupled teachers as supervisors when the other person is absent. For more information please go to ' Automatic supervision '.