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You can use supervisions when a class or a group of students is to be supervised by a teacher who is teaching at the time in question


This <Supervisions> tab displays those teachers who are teaching during the period in question and who thus in principle are available for supervision.


Supervisor suggestion needs additional information to that which is already contained in the substitution suggestion.



Room, Class

The room and the class where the teacher is teaching at the time in question.




The subject taught by the potential supervisor.



Corridor (hallway)

If corridors were assigned to the rooms under 'Master Data |Rooms' they will be displayed here. This shows at a glance in which part of the building the potential supervisor is teaching in this period.


If no corridors are defined, the difference between the input sequence of the two rooms in the master data will be shown.


Teachers who are coupled with the absent teacher in this period will be displayed on a green background with the word "Coupling".


By double clicking the supervision suggestion it will be confirmed. Since the respective teacher already has a lesson in this period, Untis asks, how this process should be completed. 'Supervision' ("Teacher hold the lesson as well as the cover (supervision)") is already pre-set as default option and by clicking the <OK> button the respective teacher is confirmed. The substitution window now shows the description 'supervision' in the respective line.







Note: Counting supervisions

No additional period is added to the supervisor's account. You have the option of counting supervisions half (see chapter Substitution counter settings ).


You can display the supervised period in the timetable next to the regular lesson (Timetable settings | Layout 2 | Separate periods in case of clash).