Scheduling dialogue window

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All ad hoc changes for the regular timetable which can be made in the timetable, are also available in the scheduling dialogue.

This view consists of a selection window (top), a timetable window (middle) and the details window (bottom).


Selection window

In the top section of the scheduling dialogue you can select the element (class or teacher) and the time range. You will usually work with two consecutive weeks. However, by selecting week 2 appropriately you can also shift lessons by several months.


Timetable window

The allocation of teachers or classes in two consecutive weeks is displayed in the middle section of the scheduling dialogue. This makes it easier to shift elements across different weeks.


Information regarding individual periods can be displayed with period flags or with the names of the subjects, classes or teachers. This can be defined in the <Settings>



Furthermore you can define the orientation of the scheduling dialogue and adjust the width of the columns.




Details window

The details window displays all the details concerning the selected lesson. However, you can edit lessons here, as well, by simply editing the respective fields.