Details window

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In the upper part of the window, the calendar shows detailed information for each day of the week. It allows you to see at a glance, if a certain day still has open substitutions or if there are double assigned rooms.

Information on teachers


Abs.Teach.:Number of absent teachers

Subs.:Number of the resulting substitutions

Uncovered:Number of open substitutions for which a substitute has to be found


Information on classes


Abs. Cla.:        Number of absent classes

Release:                Number of the resulting releases. These are lessons in which teachers are available (released) as a result of class absences.


Information on rooms


Blocked rms.:        Number of blocked rooms

Subs.:                Number of the resulting room substitutions

Uncovered:                Number of open room substitutions for which a replacement room has to be found


Number of daily comments


Daily comments:        Number of daily comments on the relevant day.



Break supervisions


Br.Sup.Sub.        Number of break supervision substitutions

Uncovered (Br.Sup.)        Number of uncovered break supervisions





Tea. clash        shows the number of teacher clashes

Room clash        shows the number of room clashes


Please go to chapter ' Timetable changes and cover planning ' for more information on teacher