Didactic reasons

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Many schools primarily assign teachers for substitutions who already know the students in the class to be substituted and have the qualifications to substitute a respective period. This information can be seen at a glance:



This column shows if the suggested teacher teaches the respective class. This is important on the one hand due to pedagogical reasons, on the other it makes preponements possible. Additionally the “class teachers” (Master data | classes) are highlighted in green in the “Class” column.





In the <Settings>VP_19_058of the substitute suggestion window you can choose if the symbol should also be set with teachers who only know parts of a class (but never teach the whole class at once).






The subject icon in this field shows that the teacher has teaching qualifications for this subject (only possible with the 'Lesson planning' and 'Value calculation' module) or that he/she teaches the subject of the uncovered substitution.






Last week

If a teacher of the substitute suggestion was assigned to a substitution in the week before, his/her name will be highlighted in green and checked in the 'Last week' column.


Lesson pool

If there are any lesson pool lessons which can make up for the uncovered substitution, then this is indicated here (see chapter Lesson pool).