Drag&drop in timetable/sched. dialogue

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When you click on an LPL, all open timetable views are switched to the teacher or class of the LPL. You can drag the LPL into the timetable or into the scheduling dialogue, where it creates a special duty. Be sure to set the timetable or scheduling dialogue to the week in which you wish to schedule the LPL.





The scheduled LPL is marked in the substitution window with type "Spec.duty for the LPL" or as a shift, if the LPL is a displaced lesson.

If you open the information lines for the LPL using + you will see when the LPL was scheduled.






Note: Scheduled LPLs

As soon as you complete a shift via the lesson pool, the respective LPLs will be deleted. In all other cases the LPLs remain as scheduled LPLs in the lesson pool.