Particular criteria

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Some teachers shall rather not or not at all be assigned to substitutions (e.g. external teachers), others, however, have priority in substitutions. You can define such conditions which are then taken into account in the substitute suggestions as criteria for a decision.



The '' column shows a statistics code entered in the teachers' master data. If you use it appropriately, this field can be very useful. If you indicate external teachers, for instance, with an 'F' and part-time teachers with a 'T', you immediately have information on the availability of the teacher who, in general, is free in this period.



The blocks entered under “Master Data | Teachers | Substitutions” are shown here.


Sometimes a teacher who in general is available for substitution should not be assigned to substitutions.


This can be indicated in the 'block' field. You may enter a number between 0 and 9, whereby 9 means that it is prohibited to assign this teacher to substitutions. If you do not enter any number in this field, it equals '0', this means that the respective teacher does not have any restrictions on substitutions whatsoever. Entries between 1 and 8 are the different grades in between.


You can define the weighting of these blockings on the substitute suggestions in comparison to other factors (see chapter Sequence of the substitution suggestion ).