Suitability according to the timetable

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The substitution needs to suit the timetable of the respective day, e.g. a teacher who has a day off or a teacher who already teaches many periods on this day shall not be assigned for substitution in any case. The following fields provide you with the information you need:


Period flag

The period flag is an indicator representing how good the substitute matches the teacher's timetable. It defines the 'distance' to the next 'regular' teaching period. The column 'Timetable' shows the periods before and after the period to be substituted.





Period flag x

The respective teacher is released by an absent class, instead of having his/her regular period, he/she would have a fringe period.


Period flag 0 (NTP)

In this case, the respective teacher has a non-teaching period (NTP) in the period for which a substitute teacher is needed.


Period flag 1

The period to be substituted is immediately prior to one of his/her “regular“ periods.


Period flag 2 -8

The period to be substituted is two (three, four, etc.) positions 'away' from his/her next regular period in the timetable.


The higher the period flag, the less suitable is the teacher from the timetable perspective and the lower he/she will be ranked in the substitute suggestions.


Period flag 9

The teacher does not teach on this day.


Period flag = Subject name

Standby teachers are stated with the short name of the standby subject in the substitute suggestion.





Period flag /

If the substitution takes place in an off-site building which cannot be reached by the suggested substitute teacher (period immediately prior of after the period to be substituted and no break in which the off-site building can be reached), this will be stated by period flag / .



This column shows the periods of the potential substitute teacher before and after the period to be substituted. This column shows as many periods as possible in the given width of the column. If you want to see several periods, you need to make the column wider by drag and drop.





The width of every individual timetable cell can also be adjusted via drag and drop. And by clicking with your right mouse-button in the timetable you can change the information shown.





Time requests

Here you will see the time requests of the potential substitute teacher. This helps you to avoid assigning a substitute teacher erroneously to a blocked period (time request -3).





Per. / day

This column shows the number of periods of the current day.





Sending a message

If the suggested teacher needed to be informed about the substitution, because he/she has already left the building, this would be indicated in this column.


This function will increasingly lose its importance due to the possibility to inform the teachers digitally, e.g. via WebUntis or Untis Mobile App).