Substitution suggestion settings

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Besides the ranking of the substitution suggestion, you can also adjust the display of the substitute suggestion using the<Settings>VP_19_058button.





Red, if exceeds / Do not display if too big

Only teachers that are suitable as substitutes should be displayed in the substitution suggestion Usually teachers who are not teaching on the day in question (period flag 9) as well as teachers whose "Total" exceeds 20 are not suitable candidates for a substitution. You can determine here whether under these circumstances teachers are to be displayed at all or whether they should be marked red.


Do not indicateblocked teachers

Teachers with a time request -3 at the time in question are not displayed in the substitution suggestion.


Full name

The teacher's full name should be displayed.


Checkmark 'class' for class parts

You can choose if the symbol should also be set with teachers who only know parts of a class (but never teach the whole class at once).


Respect room weight 4

This setting involves only shifts and lessons that are scheduled in rooms with the room weight of 4. If you check the box and the room is occupied at the time in question then the shift will not be suggested. This is to prevent a lesson in a special subject room (e.g. gym, home economics room) being shifted to a period when the room is not available.


Window in the background

When this setting is activated, the window substitution suggestion remains in the background until you click on it or you open it again.


Shifts ('preponements')

See chapter Shifts .



Tip: Adjusting columns

You can use drag and drop to sort the columns in the substitution suggestion. You can show or hide columns with a right mouse-click.