Substitution counter settings

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You can adjust the general settings of the substitution counter via the settings on the 'Start' tab, section 'Cover scheduling'.





Count what...

In the first input block you can define which parameters affect the substitution counter. Substitutions and special duties are added to the counter while cancellations and releases are subtracted from it. Additionally, you can select that break supervisions are counted like a substitution and that supervisions are counted half.


Time range

In the second input block you can define the time range for the counter. If you select for instance ‘Month’ then the total of the counter refers to the current month. The current month is determined by the date that is set in the calendar. You can also specify your own period (e.g. semester).


Count how...

This is where you can define if you wish to count the numbers of periods, the values (this requires module ‘Lesson planning – Value calculation’ is required) or the actual time in hours and minutes.

Count cancellations only for absences with a reason

This is where you can define if absences without a reason should be counted or


Don't count

A certain substitution which would normally be counted positively, is not to be counted Select and enter any statistical code (e.g. ‘n’). If you enter this statistical code in the column ‘Stat.Code(s)’ for a substitution in the substitution window, this specific substitution will not be counted.




Tip: Column ‘Counts’

In the ‘Counts’ column in the substitution window you can see at a glance if a cancellation or a substitution is counted (positively or negatively) or not. Alternatively, you can visualise this information (green = pos., red = neg.) via the ‘Colour substitutions’ button (settings directly in the substitution window). If you want to deactivate these settings, close the substitution window and open it again.


Paid substitutions

If a substitution is not to be counted because it is a paid substitution then proceed as follows:


1.Enter a statistical code (e.g. ‘p’) for ‘Don't count’ and activate ‘paid substitutions’.

2.Enter the same statistical code in the ‘Stat. Code(s)’ column for the respective substitution in the substitution window.

3.Such an entry also affects the substitution suggestion as the number of paid substitutions in the set time range is displayed there.

4.This substitution is not counted in the substitution statement and is displayed as 'Do not count substitution'.






Tip: Don't count a subject

If cancellations in a specific subject (e.g. office hours) are not to be counted to the substitution counter then check ‘Not counted’ at the relevant subject in ‘Subject | Master Data’.



In-lieu substitution


If a teacher does not give a lesson because the class is absent, then this results in the lesson being counted as -1. If the same teacher is substitute in another class in the same period, this will count +1. He thus has a cancellation counting -1 and a substitution counting +1, resulting on a counter total of 0.


If the 'In lieu substitution' option is checked, the teacher will still have a total of 0, but in his/her statistics 0 substitutions and 0 cancellations.


Count exams in a neutral manner

By checking this box, exam supervisions are counted in a neutral manner. For more details please go to ' Counting of exams'.