Add elements

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You can also add elements to a lesson this way.


Add class

Go to 'Classes', select the respective class and select an additional class by pressing and holding the 'Ctrl. ' key.





In the substitution window, this will be shown as 'Lesson changed'. Now both classes are shown in the 'Class' column, the original and the added class. If the added class has a lesson already scheduled at this time, an additional cancellation is generated for the original lesson.


Add teacher

You can add another teacher to the lesson by using the 'New teacher' function. A second tab is shown in the window which provides information on class, subject, room and student group and you only need to select the respective teacher.





A special duty is created for the added teacher. If the selected teacher is already scheduled for a lesson at this time, an unscheduled substitution or a cancellation is generated..




Tip: Add room

If you want to add a second room to a lesson, you can do this via 'Allocate / delete room' and the option: 'Allocate additional room'.