Cancellations in the scheduling dialogue

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You can cancel a lesson – without entering an absence – by clicking on the <Cancelled> button. This cancellation is displayed in the respective timetables and in the substitutions window. Another click on the <Cancelled> button undoes the cancellation.


The following examples deal with ad hoc cancellations of parts of a lesson


Cancellation of a coupling line

If you click on a coupling line in the details window and then on the <Cancelled> button, the cancellation is only valid for the selected line.





Example: Cancellation of part of a class

When clicking in the details window into the field 'Class' with a class coupling you can change into the editing mode by double click or space bar. Then you can remove individual classes, i.e. the respective periods are cancelled for these classes.



Note: Option 'Mouse click activates edit mode'

Go to 'Settings | Miscellaneous | Customise' and choose the option 'Mouse click activates edit mode'. When this box is checked a single click is enough to get to the edit mode in a field.