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In the section 'Form' you have additional options to adapt the output:





'Strike-through' cancellations

This option strikes through the teacher whose period is cancelled and is shown in the 'substitute' column.

This allows you to assign cancellations to the respective teachers in sorted lists.





Comb. class names

Several classes in coupled lessons can be combined under one name. If a lesson of classes 1a, 1b and 1c is cancelled, for instance, the name '1abc' will be on the substitution printout.


Period label

In the timetable mode you can enter freely-definable labels in the time grid instead of the period number. If you have replaced the period number by a label then there is the option to show these labels in the substitution list, as well.


Print master data in a single field

Here you can show the changes in classes, teachers, subjects and rooms in a single field instead of two separate ones. You save place and the readability of the list increased.





Combine block-substitutions

If a double period or a block is taught by one single teacher then you can output it in compressed form by checking this box.