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In this section you can define the vertical sorting and - if required - show and adapt headings for the respective elements.






By clicking on the <Sorting> button you have the option to sort the view by different columns.






Warning: Order

The order of the substitute teachers in the printout follows the sorting of the teachers in the master data. If a teacher was shifted to first position by drag and drop, he/she will be ranked first in the substitution printout.



The substitution lists are printed in a table. You can show sub headings for better orientation.







Note: Heading

The heading according to which the list is sorted will be shown.



By clicking on the <Heading> button in the right bottom corner of the section you can define the layout of the heading (size, short or full name, etc.):





Compressed heading

You can also print the list with compressed sub headings in order to save space (Small headers).






One page per element

Activate "1 Page / Element" in order to start with each heading on an individual page. This setting is usually used when lists are printed for several days and each day should be printed on a single page.