Class teacher lessons

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You can easily schedule class teacher (form teacher) lessons at the beginning of the year via the 'Special duties' window. The prerequisite for this is that class teachers must be entered in the 'Class teacher column' under 'Classes | Master Data'.


1.Open the 'Special duties' window and select the time range in which the form teacher class lesson shall take place between <First period> and last period .

2.Select all classes via the menu item <classes>. Confirm by clicking <OK>.





3.Then go to the <Teachers> button and restrict the selection to all class teachers in the following dialogue in the <filter> line. Then chose <All>to select all class teachers. Confirm by clicking <OK>.





4.In the dialogue for special duties every class teacher is automatically assigned to his or her class. In the totals row you additionally see all classes and teachers in volved. When you defined a home room for your classes, they will automatically transferred into class teacher classes.





5.Confirm the Special Duties dialogue by clicking <OK>. For the selected period one special duty with the class teacher and if necessary a cancellation of the original lesson are generated for all classes.


If a teacher is absent at the chosen time tange, you will be informed and the special duties cannot be created. In this case enter the ? teacher and you can search for an adequate substitution via the substitution suggestion.

If a room is scheduled for the selected period you will be prompted if the room should never the less be selected for the special duty. You can find an adequate room via substitution suggestion at a later point in time.