Create examination via timetable

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The easiest way to create an exam without the 'Course scheduling' module in cover scheduling is via the timetable of a class or a teacher. Right-click into the respective timetable the period you want to create and exam for and click on 'Create exam'.





The 'New exam' window opens up. Enter a name for the exam and if necessary, an additional text. The date and the 'First period' and 'Last period' fields refer to the date and the period you have selected in the timetable, because you can adjust this time range if the exam will last longer than one period.





Information given in the 'Teachers/Rooms' tab already show the data of the respective period from which you have started the dialogue. If you want to change the teacher supervising the exam or the room in which the exam takes place, use the buttons on the right of the window.



Use this button to change the supervising teacher. The selection window shows those teachers who teach at the time of the exam in red. It is also possible to enter more than one teacher by pressing and holding the 'Ctr. ' key and selecting the respective teacher(s).


'Course teacher'

By clicking this button, the teacher originally teaching this period is automatically assigned as supervising teacher.



Use this function to change rooms. Rooms which are scheduled at the time of the exam are also shown in red in this dialogue.


'Course room'

This button works like the button for teachers: clicking it assigns the room originally scheduled for the selected period for the exam.





Click 'OK' to save your choices.