Room substitution

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As described in chapter Entering absences you can set rooms absent in the absence window in the same way as teachers and classes. You can use the substitution suggestion or the <Allocate/Delete this room>VP_19_075button of the substitution window to change the allocation of rooms and to look for different rooms.


The Physics lab is not available on a Thursday. We have to find a suitable substitute room for all lessons concerned.


1.Open file demo5.gpn and set room "PL" absent on a Thursday. The open substitution is displayed as room replacement in the column "Type" in the substitution window.


2.Place the cursor in the first line and select the 'Rooms' tab in the substitution suggestion.





3.Select a room from the list and allocate it by double-clicking on the room.


In this area of the substitution suggestion you can also select the option 'Period block', if you are looking for an adequate room for a double period or a block. The list is automatically reduced to those rooms which are available for all periods.


You can also allocate an additional room to a substitution via the substitution suggestion. Select the respective line, check the box: 'Allocate additional room' and double click on the additional room you want to allocate.


As in other tabs of the substitution suggestion you can hide or show columns in the 'Rooms' area. The following information is available:


Capacities (cap.)

Provided that room capacities have been entered into master data, the capacity of the respective room is shown here.


Alternative room (Alt.Rm.)

If this column has a check, this room is then an alternative of a non-available room.


Alternative room of home room (Alt. HRm)

If this column has a check this means that this room is an alternative room of the home room assigned to the lesson.



If this is checked the room is scheduled. You only see scheduled rooms if you select the option 'Show scheduled rooms' in the upper part of the substitution suggestion area. Scheduled rooms are not shown by default.


Room group

If the room is part of one or several room groups, the names of the room groups are shown in this column.



In addition to the substitution suggestion you can also regulate room substitutions by selecting <Allocate/Delete this room>VP_19_075. This dialogue gives additional information.





The left section of the window shows the room which was originally scheduled for this lesson and the home room of the respective class and the capacity of the available room.


The right section shows all the columns explained above plus the following:



If you work with the module: 'Break supervision' and have defined corridors in the master data oft he rooms, then this information will be shown here.




The statistics codes of the rooms you have defined in the master data are shown here.


Difference in capacity (Cap. diff.)

This column calculates the difference between the capacity of the room which is not availalbe and the room which is a possible alternative provided that both capacities have been defined. If the room which was a possible alternative is too small, this will be stated by a minus.


In this dialogue you have a filter line in the right part oft he window. You can activate or deactivate it by a right-click on the heading. The filters in those columns can be combined as needed by e.g. filtering all non-scheduled rooms which are, however, alternative rooms of the home room.




Tip: Changing rooms directly in the timetable

Spontaneous room changing can be carried out directly in the timetable (see chapter Room substitutions in timetable ).