Room substitutions in the timetable

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Room substitutions can be applied to regular periods in the timetable as well as to periods which are affected by an absence



Changing rooms

You can change the room of a period directly in the timetable via the button <Allocate/Delete this room>. This is possible for an open room substitution as well as for a regular lesson.






You can limit the selection very quickly by using the filters on the right side oft he dialogue, e.g. by setting the filter to non-occupied rooms.


If a block of periods is involved (double, triple period, etc.) you can choose whether the room change should apply only for the selected period or for the entire block.

You can allocate an additional room to the selected lesson by using the option 'Allocate additional room'.




Swapping rooms

If you decide on a room which has already been scheduled for the selected period, you can swap the rooms or eliminate the other lesson from this room.






Tip: Changing rooms in overview timetables

You can also use drag and drop to change rooms intuitively in room overview timetables.