Sequence of the substitution suggestion

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The suggested teachers are primarily ranked according to a weightingwhich you can define yourself and whose results are shown in the 'points' column. The points are negative points, i.e. the teacher with the lowest (most negative) number of points is best suited. You define the weighting degree of the criteria yourself.


For setting the weighting go to SettingsVP_19_058in the 'Cover teacher suggestions' on the tab called 'Weighting'.





Release, On standby, Teaches in the class, Teaches the subject

You can assign each individual parameter a weighting between 0 (not important) and 99 (very important). The higher you set the weighting, the higher a teacher will move in the ranking if one or more criteria apply to him/her.


Factor for flag, Availability/blocking factor

The number for the period flag (or the number for availability/blocking) is multiplied with the factor, and the teacher in question is pushed down the list by this amount.


Totals factor

The totals factor is multiplied with the teacher's counter, whose ranking will change depending on the result.


Statistical codes

You can move specific teachers up or down the ranking with the help of the statistical code entered in this field (e.g. age allowance). The statistical code referred to here, must be entered in column 'Stat. Code(s) ' under 'Master Data | Teachers'. You can enter positive or negative values. A positive value will set the teacher to a lower rank, a negative value will rank the respective teacher higher in the order of suggestions.