Fast print of daily lists

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Certain substitutions views such as lists for teachers, students and possibly for the school administration/headmaster have to be printed every day. Daily lists allow you to output these lists quickly and easily.


1.Open the list of cover scheduling formats on the tab 'Cover scheduling'.

2.Check the box in the "Daily list" box for all the views that you wish to print out at the push of a button.

3.This will allow all views that were checked in the previous step to be printed out via the 'Daily lists' menu item under 'Output'.





The current date for which lists are to be printed is determined by the calendar.


Daily lists can be printed automatically as PDFs, just check the box of the respective option in the 'Settings | Substitution Planning | Miscellaneous'. If you additionally activate the option 'User defined files names', you can assign a name to every daily list for printing.