Special duty for a period block

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If you wish to create a special duty for a period block - e.g. for an examplease do as follows:


1.Open the 'Special duties' window and select a time range of more than one period in the fields 'First period' and 'Last period' in which the special duty shall take place.

2.Enter a teacher by selecting a name in the first line (totals row) from the dropdown menu. If you select the teacher in this line, your selection is valid for the entire time range.



Tip: Enter several teachers

If you want to enter more than one teacher you can do this directly in the line or via the 'Teachers' button. In both cases hold the 'Ctrl. ' key and select the respective teachers.


4.Enter the subject and room, if you already know which elements should be entered. You also can enter a text which will be displayed in the substitution text, if you wish so.

5.The special duties are created by clicking on <OK>.


You will now see the special duties and the resulting cancellations in the substitutions window. It may be the case that you need to find a substitute for the entered teachers and/or an alternative room.