Shifting lessons

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The easiest way to shift lessons is use drag and drop. As soon as you start dragging a period, all fields are highlighted in green to which you can move the period without causing a clash.




Shifting of couplings

1.When shifting a period in the class timetable, the entire coupling is shifted.

2.When shifting a period in a teacher's timetable, only the coupling line of the selected teacher is shifted.


Shift across several weeks

If you want to shift a period to a time range outside of the current week, drag this period next to the timetable. Then change the date in the timetable to the required time range and drag the period to the required position in the timetable.






Note: Lesson pool

Periods which lie next to the timetable due to shifts or displacements, are to be found in the window 'Lesson pool' (see chapter Lesson pool ).