Shifts and cancellations

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Shifts, cancellations and swaps can be performed in the timetable without the entering an absence.



Shifting periods


You can shift periods using drag&drop. Empty green fields mean that a move to this position is possible without creating a conflict.


Purple, empty fields indicate that the shift is possible without a conflict, however, neither the scheduled room nor one of its alternative rooms is available





If you shift a period using drag and drop, the move will be displayed in the substitutions window. In our example, the Maths lesson in class 1a was shifted. The substitution window displays this shift on this day, too.






Tip: Shifting part of a coupling

If you wish to shift only the period of a single teacher who is part in a coupling with several other teachers then switch to the teacher's timetable and perform the shift there


Swapping periods

Periods high-lighted in green (green cells occupied by a period) can be swapped with other periods highlighted green. The swap performed will also be displayed in the substitutions window.


Cancelled periods


If a period is dragged into the timetable details window and "dropped" there (similar to unscheduling in timetable mode) the period will be cancelled.



Tip: Undo

You can reverse all changes using the <Undo changes>VP_19_221button in the timetable.


Shift periods to another week

If you want to shift a period to another week, drag the respective period into the field right of to the current week of the timetable. Then change to the date range you would like to have the respective period scheduled to and drag it to the position in the timetable you want to have it.