Daily comment

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The daily comment enables you to enter and output information for the entire school, for all teachers, for all students, for specific teachers or for specific classes.


Example: Entering daily comments

1.Daily comments are entered in the lower section of the calendar.

2.You can select the addressee for the text (Everybody, Teachers, Classes) in the selection box at the left.

3.Enter the text and it will appear in the printout of the respective day.





You can certainly also output several comments on one day. You can also specify in the 'valid for [days] ' column for how many days the comment should be output in the future from the selected date.


If you want to output a specific comment only for teachers, select in the line of the daily comment the element 'Teacher' in the 'Type' column. In the 'Element' column you can then select for which teachers this comment should be available.




Tip: Daily comments in timetables

You can embed daily comments also in the page layout of timetables. The daily comments are shown in the right part of the page layout window. You can drag them on any position you would like to have them next to or below the timetable.