Event with part of a class

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TEvents may be carried out with only one part of one or several classes. For this situation, please use the column: 'Student group'. If this column is not visible in your event window, go to Grid adjustment'VP_19_033to display it.



Note: Student group

A student group is a group of students attending a certain lesson. The student group is already created during entering the lesson and is always required when a class is split up into different groups. For more information on 'Student groups' please read our manual on timetable planning.



You have two options for creating an event with a student group:

You use an already existing student group defined for the respective lesson.

You create a new student group which you enter for this event.


Both options are explained in the following:


Events using an existing student group

The two classes shown here are taught physical education together but split up in boys and girls. The lesson already has one student group.





On Wednesday afternoon, the girls usually have physical education class, however, on this respective Wednesday they go with teacher Callas to watch a football match. This ist he reason why the girls group will be entered to the event.





By selecting this student group only teacher Aristoteles is released, since only his student group is absent. Teacher Rubens‘ physical education class will take place as usual.







Note: Student-targeted release in course scheduling

By using the course scheduling module, teachers are also specifically released when all students of their course attend one or several events.


Events with any student group

On Tuesday after period 5, teacher Callas will visit the Natural History Museum in Vienna with interested students of the classes 3a and 3b. The students participation is on a voluntary basis.

This is the reason why a new student group is entered only for this event.





If a clash occurs with an already existing lesson, a prompt will be displayed.





Confirm with 'Yes', then the regular lessons for students who do not participate in the event will take place nevertheless. Confirm with 'No' and the respective teachers will be released.


As of Untis 2019, the event and regular lessons will be shown in the class‘ timetable.