Event with several classes and teachers

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The events window also allows you to enter events with many (or all) teachers and classes (e.g. sport events, class teacher periods etc.).

You have several options: You can either enter several classes or teachers into the respective line and separate them from each other by a comma. Or you show the selection box of the columns and select the required elements by pressing the Ctrl key or you use the Element-Rollup. The latter two methods you use in the following example.


All classes from grades 1 and 2 as well as several teachers are to take part in an event for the entire day.


1.Open file demo5.gpn and events window. Set the calendar to a date without substitutions

2.Open the "Element-Rollup" window<VP_19_031and set it to 'Class'.

3.Highlight all classes from grades one and two (click on 1a – hold <Shift> – click on 2b).

4.Drag the marked classes into the events window by holding down the left mouse-button and drop them there in column 'Cla. '.

5.Open the selection field in the 'Teacher' column. Hold down the <Ctrl> key and select all required teachers.

6.Confirm your entry by clicking on 'Enter'.





7.Click on the substitution window. The substitutions occurring due to the event will be displayed.




Tip: Showing events in the absence window

You can display absences that result from events in the absence window (click on <Settings> in the absence window and check the box 'Show events').