Events and substitution counters

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There are various ways of counting events.



Do not count additional periods and cancellations


Teacher 'Arist' has three periods on a Wednesday according to his regular timetable If he is on an excursion with a class for eight periods (see our example) then neither the three cancellations are counted negatively nor the additional five periods are counted positively.


the prerequisite for this is that the reason of absence for this event is 'Excursion' (cancellations are not counted). If another teacher is released because of the absence of the class then these periods are counted negatively for the teacher concerned.





Counting additional periods


If teacher Arist's additional periods on Wednesday are to be counted positively you must check 'Count' for the event in the event window.





Change the value of an event


As of Untis 2019, you can define a value you specify. Go to Grid adjustment and show the Value column. Check the box next to Valuesin the section Count how of the counter, this value has a direct impact on the substitution statement of the teachers:





Don't count releases


If releases that result from the absence of the class are not to be counted negatively, you must check 'Don't count releases' (column 'Rel. no count') for the reason of absence.