Substitution of a break supervision

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A substitution of a break supervision can directly be edited in the Substitution suggestion window. In general you treat break supervision substitutions just like any other substitution. The differences are:


In the substitution window in the "Period" column the break between period 1 and 2 is displayed as "1/2".

In the "Room" column you will find the word "Corridor".

There certainly is no subject or class.

Via <Settings> in the substitution window you can define whether break supervision substitutions should be shown (and printed) or not. Therefore you can also create a list which has break supervision substitutions only.





With a right-click in the header in the substitution suggestion you can show the following points:


Name: the name of the teacher.

Points: the number of points (minus points) for the respective supervision.

Max. minutes: the maximum value (in minutes) for break supervisions per week that was entered under "Master Data | Teachers".

BS/day: the number of break supervisions on this day.

Counter: the number of break supervision substitutions already held in the selected time range.

Less. before / after: the teacher has a lesson just before / after the break supervision.

Corridor before / after: The teacher has a lesson in a room adjacent to the corridor just before / after the break supervision

Before 1st.per. / After last per.: This break supervision is before the first period / after the last period of the teacher.

Consec. superv.: The teacher is already scheduled for a break supervision that lies either just before or right after the break supervision.

Bef. / After blocking: The break supervision is just before / after a blocking of the teacher.

NTP prior / after: The teacher has a non-teaching-period just before / after the break supervision

 Gender: The gender of the teacher is shown by an icon. If you have defined a gender for your teachers as well as for your corridors, the substitution suggestion will only suggest teachers of the gender you defined for the respective corridor.

 Standby: Shows, if the teacher is on standby in this break. For more information on Standby for break supervisions read the chapter of the same name.




Tip: Break supervision despite absence

If a teacher is absent from the 3rd period on, then a substitution for break supervision for break 2/3 will be created. However, the teacher is able to hold this break supervision. The teacher can be assigned as his/her own substitute but will not be suggested as a substitute.

When two or more teachers split a break supervision, this information will be shown in the substitution list in the column 'Period' and in the 'Room' column for the corridor. (2) therefore stands for the second teacher. With this information you can decide whether you need to find a substitution or can cancel the break supervision.





For more information on splitting break supervisions read the chapter called 'Break supervisions | User tips | Splitting supervisions' in the 'Modules' manual.