Substitutions caused by examinations

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When creating an exam this way substitution events are automatically generated. If you have changed neither the time of the exam nor the teacher nor the room then you created an exam plus a cancellation of the original lesson.





If the exam takes longer than the original period, e.g. one hour, you will be asked when clicking 'OK' in the 'New exam' window, if possible clashing lessons shall be cancelled.





If you choose 'Yes', all other lessons of this class will be cancelled. If you go for 'No', the exam and the lesson will take place at the same time. Both alternatives are clearly shown in the timetable for the students.





If you have slected an already scheduled room when creating the exam you will be asked how to proceed when you click 'OK' -a question you already know from other sections. If you want to assign the room choose 'Schedule the room without clashes (creates a room substitution)' and a room substitution is created for the lesson you displaced. Now you can assign another room for the displaced lesson.






Tip: Do not show cancellations for exams

In the substitutions format which is meant for informing the students the cancellation of the original lesson caused by an exam can be hidden. Use the option ' No cancellation when prd. replced ' in the page layout of the substitutions format.


If you have chosen a teacher as supervisor who is already scheduled for teaching, i.e. was highlighted in red in the list, an unscheduled substitution or cancellation is automatically created for the lesson of this teacher according to your substitution time grid.