Cover overview

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The cover overview offers a comparison of the totals of the planned lessons and of the actually held lessons for a selected time range. Here you can find a detailed description of the individual paragraphs (figure):




Planned lessons: The sum of the lessons according to the regular timetable.

Lessons held according to the timetable: The sum of all the lessons that were actually held. Simple room changes are not counted.

Lessons which have not been held by the scheduled teacher: The sum of all lessons that were not held by the teacher who was scheduled to do so.

Special Duties: The sum of all special duties.


Lessons which have not been held by the planned teacher (Reasons of absence)


Every reason of absence that is listed here has to have a statistical code, otherwise the not held lessons can be found under 'Reason of absence without statistical code'.


For reasons of absence with the same statistical code, the name of the first reason with this code will be printed. For instance, you can summarise "Exams", "Exam Supervision" and "Final Exam" as the reason of absence "Exams" by assigning the statistical code "E" to all the reasons mentioned above


Substitutions (Type of substitution)


This list is broken down into the types of substitution, i.e. additional work, paid substitution, cancellation, shift, etc.




This is a breakdown of the cancelled periods by reasons of absence.