Substitution statement

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You can display a list with all substitutions and the counter via 'Reports | Selection | Cover planning | Substitution statement'. The time range can be selected in the print selection. The default setting is the current month according to the calendar.


The report is sorted by teacher. You can print either a list of all teachers or select certain teachers via the <Selection> button and contains the following information.


Additionally to the already known elements such as 'Subject, 'Class(es) ', the report shows at which date and in which period a certain event took place. The columns 'Reason' and 'Text show background information why a certain event took place.


The following columns need a brief description:



In this column an abbreviations tells you which event occured at this time. The following abbreviations are possible:

B...        stands for Standby substitution

-E...        stands for a cancellation.

F...        stands for a Release, i.e. the class oft he teacher is absen. Whether this release is counted negatively or positively depends on the reason of absence which has been entered at the event or the absence of the class.

P...        stands for Break supervision.

+V...        stands for a substitution

V...        stands for in-lieu substitution. They are generated if a teacher is scheduled as substitution in a release.

VA...        stands for event.

WK...        stands for a corrected value which were entered under 'Teacher | Master data'. The 'Subject' column shows which type of value was corrected.



shows if the respective line is counted as positive, negative or neutral.



The counter is a continuous sum across all values of every line. The counter oft he last line of a substitution statement therefore equals the sum total.


This example shows the substitution statement of teacher Andersen for the month of March.





ObThe balance lines at the end of the report are the sum total of all lines.



In this line all substitutions which need tob e counted are summed up.


Substitutions not to count

This balance was introduced with Untis 2019 and shows the sum of all substitution events which are not to be counted. These can be substitutions where you set the statistics code for substitutions which are not to be counted. However, these can also be shifted periods which were shifted to a day outside of the time range of the report. In April this period has the value of 'Substitution not to count'.






Here all cancellations are summed up which are to be counted as negative for the teacher.


Cancellation not to count

The cancellations summed up in this line are not to be counted negatively for the teacher. This could be cancellations where the reason of absence 'Cancellation not to count' has not been checked, e.g. for sickness. This could also be periods which were cancelled due to releases. Shifted periods which were shifted to a time range outside of the time range of the report are also shown here.



This line sums up all sums of the lines 'Substitutions' and 'Cancellations'.


You can find more examples for the output of the substitution statement in chapter Substitution counter .



Tip: Element filter for repeated selection of teachers

If you print a certain report fort he same group of teachers, you can use element filgers as of Untis 2019 so that you do not need to select the same teachers time and again. In the teacher selection for reports there is a Dropbox for 'Element filters'. More details on how to set the filter in our version brochure Untis 2019.